How to Watch Classical Chinese Dance as a Non Chinese Dancer (2022)

In China, dancing is an extremely diverse form of art that consists of several contemporary and traditional dance genres.

These dances cover an extensive range, starting from folk dances up to performances in ballet and opera, and might be utilized in ceremonies, rituals and public celebrations.

Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance vs. Classical Chinese Dance
Shen Yun folk and ethnic dance – Celebrating The Divine

Also, there are 56 officially renowned ethnic groups from China, and every ethnic minority group has its individual folk dances as well. The most recognized Chinese dances of today include the Lion Dance and the Dragon dance.

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The Chinese everlasting appeal of dance which is within each raise of one hand, foot extension, eyes expression, and in each pose that is performed comes from a person’s essence and could be traced back to the ancient cultures. Irrespective of the place you are in such “Chinese everlasting appeal” should always follow.

If you are a non Chinese dancer, but like to watch some Chinese classical dance, it is helpful to know about the right ways or approach you should take when in the event venue.

The following ideas may help you along the way. Follow these 3 tips and you will surely better enjoying those Chinese classical shows.

Appreciate The Dance As Well As Music

When watching a classical Chinese dance, of course, you don’t just sit there and see what you have to see. You also can appreciate each movement with its dance music and the uniqueness of how dancers execute their moves.

If you are a type of person who easily feels bored, you may want  to know some information about the Chinese dance culture first before you go to watch such classical Chinese show for further appreciation of  its  culture.

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Determine And Remember The Highlights Of The Performance

If you are a non Chinese dancer who is watching a classical Chinese dance and planning to participate in the same performance, you will want to identify and keep in mind the highlights of such performance.

On the first look, those Chinese movements could be quite intimidating, but once you learn how to do it right, you will surely be on your way to becoming an effective classical Chinese dancer. Watching these shows will be very effective if you want to be successful at what you do.

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Chinese show - Shao Lin Temple

Know The Right Etiquette

Just like when watching any show, watching a classical Chinese dance requires you to act with the good manner. Depending on the type of the Chinese dance that you are watching, you will have to act accordingly.

For a classical Chinese dance, you will   dress up like attending an opera or a ballet performance.   You will watch and be surprised of  how  exceptional the production is.

You can applause and react based on what you are seeing, but surely you will be amazed of just how these performers will reveal their talents.

Watching a classical Chinese dance or any other classical performance requires some preparedness and the proper etiquette.

So, for the next Chinese dance that you will view, make sure to consider the above tips. They will help you in enjoying the Chinese dance show further.

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