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3 Must-Know Facts About Chinese Dance

Throughout Chinese history, each ruling dynasty had its own imperial court dances. There have also been folk dances and theatrical traditions that were passed down.

danced in a combination of martial arts techniques
Shen Yun dancer Yunchia Chen dancing in a combination of martial arts techniques

Chinese dance is related to the martial arts. In imperial China, generals would perform for the Emperor, dancing with their weapons in a combination of martial arts techniques and rhythms.

Many gymnastics moves also come from Chinese dance. If you watch the Olympics, you will see athletic moves rooted in thousands of years of history of Chinese dance.

Classical Chinese Dance Vs. Gymnastics

Key Takeaways:

  • Chinese dance is an artform that dates back thousands of years through many important periods often called dynasties.
  • There is a strong relationship between Chinese dance and martial arts. Many physical movements performed by warriors are similar to dance moves.
  • In addition to a relationship with martial arts, Chinese dance also shares many movements with gymnastics.

“Today, classical Chinese dance is a comprehensive dance system that has soaked profound wisdom from every era.”

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