Top 5 Concert Halls To Enjoy A Classical Music Concert In The US (2021)

The United States is not exactly known for its classical music scene, especially when it’s compared to countries like Austria, England , or even Russia. However, this by no means suggests that there are no good places to go in the US for a great classical music concert. There are actually plenty of great concert halls to attend in almost every region of the US. Here are five of the most popular, as well as a small blurb about each.

1. Carnegie Hall, NYC

Carnegie Hall, NYC - Photograph by David Samuell
Carnegie Hall- New York City (Outside)

Famous for being known as a goal for just about any musician, Carnegie Hall is one of the biggest and best accomplishments to come out of the Gilded Age classical music scene. Stunning architecture, amazing concertos, and of course, some of the most cohesive, sonorous symphonies to ever come out of New York City can be found at this highly regarded venue. Seats are often sold out, so it is quite important to book ahead of time if you want to go to this illustrious house of music.

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Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall October 5 2013.
Carnegie Hall, New York City (Inside)

2. Symphony Hall, Boston

Boston Symphony Hall
Boston Symphony Hall (Outside)

Boston’s own Symphony Hall has spent over a hundred years perfecting the art of symphony orchestra. With an in-house orchestra that rivals some of the best in the world, you can expect to hear your favorite classical pieces played with tons of emotion, with every single note more perfect than the last. Featuring a rich history, architecture from the early 1880’s, and elegance around every turn, you can expect to hear a good show at this hall.

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Shen Yun classical concert at Boston Symphony Hall 2013
View of the audience and stage at Boston Symphony Hall during the Shen Yun concert

3. Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles
Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles – Photograph by Carol M. Highsmith

Perhaps one of the newest concert halls on this list by far, the Walt Disney Concert Hall actually hosts a variety of different shows, including classical music shows. Outfitted with the latest in sound technology equipment, comfortable seating, and absolutely stunning acoustics, the Walt Disney Concert Hall can definitely go tete-a-tete with some of the most well known concert halls in the world. Believe it or not, Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart are all commonly played at this beautifully futuristic.

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Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles (Inside)
Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles (Inside)

4. Severance Hall (Mandel Concert Hall), Cleveland

Cleveland Severance Hall, renamed as Mandel Concert Hall in 2021 in response to a $50 million gift from the Mandel Foundation , is one of the jewels in the crown of Cleveland; a center for music where you can enjoy plenty of galas, concerts, and fun family events.

Cleveland Severance Hall (Mandel Concert Hall)
Cleveland Severance Hall (Mandel Concert Hall)

The Severance Hall (Mandel Concert Hall) is is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful concert halls featuring an eclectic mix of architectural styles from Art Deco to French Nouveau.

The Cleveland Orchestra has been the resident orchestra since this venue opened in February 1931.  Cleveland Severance Hall was restored in 2000 to its original splendor with enhanced acoustics for optimal sound.

The building, Severance Music Center, even made an appearance in the 1997 Harrison Ford film ‘Air Force One’, in which it played the palace of the President of Kazakhstan.

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 Cleveland Orchestra - Severance Music Center
Cleveland Severance Music Center

5. The Metropolitan Opera, NYC

 The Metropolitan Opera, NYC
The Metropolitan Opera, NYC

Known as one of the oldest classical music concert venues in all of the United States, it’s difficult to even know where to begin when it comes to this world famous venue. Some of the best composers, violinists, and conductors have worked at this concert hall, and it’s not uncommon for celebrities and politicians to stop by for a quick listen. This venue is known for booking the best talent in the world, its excellent acoustics, and its beautiful atmosphere and architecture.

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The Metropolitan Opera, NYC (Inside)
The Metropolitan Opera, NYC (Inside)

As great as it is to enjoy a good classical music concert, the fact is that it is even greater knowing that the art of symphony orchestra will continue on. Without people to enjoy this highbrow artform, it will quickly tumble into jeopardy.

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  1. Who compiled this list? For one thing, the Met Opera doesn’t host symphony orchestras, although its acoustics are fine for the soundscape of opera. Avery Fisher Hall, now David Geffen Hall, has been noted forts acoustics only in a negative sense. The original interior had a hazy bass acoustic, among other shortcomings. Leonard Bernstein suggested dynamite as the answer to the flawed acoustics.
    The gut rehab in in the 1970s improved things a bit. Further acoustic adjustments were made in the 1990s. Now the venue is being renovated again, at the cost more than $500 million. Stay tuned for the results, in the fall of 2022.

    • Rob, Thanks for your valuable comment. We will research, survey and then update it The list was created quite a long time ago by one of our musicians.

  2. I think Detroit’s Orchestra Hall deserves a nod over Avery Fisher Hall (now David Geffin Hall). Not only are its acoustics far superior, but Orchestra Hall has been hosting the world’s greatest artists for 100 years.

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