Chinese dance vs. Gymnastics

Where Do Those Amazing Aerials, Flips, and Jumps in Gymnastics Come From? | Classical Chinese Dance vs. Gymnastics

Key Takeaways:

  • Before the advent of modern gymnastics, there was classical Chinese dance, which also featured flexible and airborne motion.
  • The classical Chinese dance form is a hybrid of sorts, with motions that have been taken from martial arts and opera.
  • Interestingly, from a precognitive stance, these motions are called, Tan Zi Gong, or movements performed on mats.
Martial Arts and Chinese Dance share many common
Martial Arts and Classical Chinese Dance share many common – Shen Yun dance performance

In the years prior to 1980, China showcased some of their top performers with their entry into the Olympic arena whose hi-level flips inspired a new global trend in gymnastics.

Afterwards, many of Chinese dance moves are incorporate into gymnastics/ Some of these moves are also incorporate into acrobatics, cheerleading, and ballet.

“Early gymnastics actually did not have such daring flips and twists.”

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