What makes the perfect dance pants?

What Makes the Perfect Dance Pants?

Serious dancers tend to be picky about pants. The perfect pair of dance pants makes the legs look long, straight and slim. They’re also comfortable: soft, stretchy, and cool against the skin. Furthermore, good pants should dry quickly and not have uncomfortable pockets or seams.

Bagging is undesirable. Instead, dancers want pants that hold their shape, preferably made from nylon or spandex. Finally, the ideal dancer’s pants should be versatile so they can be worn both in and out of the studio.

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The Joy of Total Freedom

Key Takeaways:

  • Dancers, regardless of gender are notoriously picky about the pants they wear for their preferred activity.
  • Most agree that a superlative and most preferable dance pant is made to make the dancer’s leg look long, slim and straight.
  • Also, a great pant for dancing must keep its shape after every wash and remain comfortable to wear.

“So when I asked a few dancer’s what makes the perfect dance pants, I wasn’t surprised when I got an overwhelming amount of detailed responses.”

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