4 seasons-24 Chinese Solar Terms (The National Palace Museum)

The 24 Chinese Solar Terms: Rhythms of Heaven, Earth, and All Beings 

We are accustomed to thinking about our year as split into four distinct seasons.  The Chinese have long divided each of the four seasons into six terms that last 15 days each. “Lichun” (Spring Commences) is the first solar term of a year; and “Dahan” (Great Cold) is the last solar term of the year.

In ancient China, going back two millennia, sages recorded changes within each season. They defined six two-week period in each season, effectively splitting the year in 24 mini seasons. These terms were called solar, and even they could be subdivided into three pentads, bringing the total annual number of such periods to 72.

This classification helped people of ancient China prepare for next steps in keeping in sync with natural environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • To the ancient Chinese sages, spring was filled with mini-seasons of only a few days each.
  • To the Chinese, spring starts with Spring Commences, followed by Spring Showers and more.
  • Other seasons have different moods, with summer being brighter and autumn more peaceful and serene.

“In traditional Chinese culture, spring is the time when the earth showers its benevolence on all living beings.”

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