Shen Yun Artist: Ms. Jun Zhu ‘Lily’ Wang, Dancer Playing Multiple Lead Roles In Several Shen Yun Performances

8465535-chengdu--sep-26-chinese-yi-ethnic-dance-performed-by-song-and-dance-troupe-of-liangshan-yi-autonomouDiscover how a Chengdu, China native, Jun Zhu ‘Lily’ Wang, who started dance training at age 3, completely switches into opposite complicated roles in just one evening on the stage.

Ms. “Lily” Wang at one time plays a costumed graceful lady of the court, and later, changes character into a strong noble woman general.

One hint of how she does it – she researches the story of her character portrayals on the net as well as in books to prepare for her roles.

As a skilled classical Chinese dancer, Ms. Wang effectively portrays different emotions on the stage with proper “bearing,” a necessary technique.

Learn more tips on her dance and portrayals here:



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