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The Making of Traditional Chinese Costumes – Shen Yun Couture Behind the Scenes –

Aside from the outstanding performance, another great thing you will remember after seeing the Shen Yun performers on stage is their costumes. Cindy Liu, a principal dancer of the Shen Yun Performing Arts could no longer count the number of people who told her after the show how beautiful the costumes are. Ms. Liu gives us a scope on the facts behind their 400 plus elegant Chinese costumes used in each of their Shen Yun performances.

traditional Chinese attire - heavenly regalia
Traditional Chinese attire – heavenly regalia (

All 400 plus costumes used in each performance is the result of approximately 18,976 hours and 30 minutes of drawing, cutting, and hand-sewing. All the costumes are handmade so each piece typically takes between 8 to 15 hours each to make. (These figures don’t include yet the research and design phase as well as the fitting and adjusting.) Fitting the costumes for possible adjustments.

Manchurian Dress – Chinese Costumes | Shen Yun Performing Arts

Ms. Liu says, is excruciating, but after it’s finished, the costumes look very magnificent. Each piece is all-original and highly-detailed even though most of the audience won’t even be close enough to see them.

ethinic fashions: Costumes and Jewelry
Miao ethnic costumes – Chinese traditional attires –

The costumes also undergo non-stop dress rehearsals of 4 months to create a perfect ‘untangled’ show. You can read more about Ms. Liu’s interesting behind-the-scenes look of their Shen Yun costumes here: Learn Shen Yun Constumes

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