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Over Twenty Five Years of Jérôme Bel

Dance is one of the most expressive forms of art we have. It’s a sleek and impressive combination of physical skill and creativity. And when you see someone truly inspired, there’s not much you can do beyond gape in awe. And for over twenty five years, this display has been amazing.

The exhibition was created by the MoMa staff to let contemporary artists come and design their own dance. But Jérôme Bel was less concerned with his own actions and moves.

Instead, he shifted the focus of the event away from the traditional influence of art at the museum. Instead, he’s directed the event towards the staff of the Dance Company.

Bel had become interested in the relation of the Museum’s employees to specific artworks, to the institution, and to dance itself. Eventually, his Artist’s Choice exhibition became a full blown performance by the MoMA Dance Company.

The event will be presented this October, but make sure you check it out this Autumn.

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