Dragon Kings of Mythistory | Shen Yun Performing Arts

Dragon Kings of Mythistory | Shen Yun Dance Program

The Shen Yun dance program utilizes the rich mythological history of early China to create its storied performing art enactments. These treasured cultural tapestries are woven from a world that features gods, man and dragons interacting.

Dragons in Chinese culture, as it can be divined from the earliest decades of the country, has these beasts as anthropomorphic empires of their realm, possessed of magical abilities and guarded by troops filled with sea-dwelling creatures. Often sacred and benign, but also potentially evil, these ancient winged lizards ruled every body of water of every size throughout China.
dragon kings - ancient China
One particular Shen Yun enactment is meant to tell the tale of the Tang Monk, who is sent upon a quest by the Goddess of Mercy. Even though the tale does not center upon a dragon,  one is still incorporated. The Goddess appropriates the aid of a dragon that has so enraged his father that his execution is immanent. But by serving the Goddess in her task the luckless dragon son is redeemed from death.

Key Takeaways:

  • Early Chinese mythology nurtured a philosophy and cultural world-view that had gods and man living in a co-existing world, their lives intermingling.
  • Chinese dragons were distinct mythological beasts, benign, able to utilize the four elements and supernatural.
  • The Dragon elite had the military forces of an array of animals under their command, including prawn, tortoises and carp.

Dragon Kings of Mythistory - Shen Yun Performing Arts

“Crystal Palaces are fashioned after their imperial counterparts on land but with exotic underwater features: Grand gates of agate reveal a translucent crystal complex, rainbow clamshell shingles tile sloping roofs, and bas-relief dragons coil around pearl-inlaid pillars.”

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