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Why Music Reminds Us We Are Human, Even in the Darkest Places

We know that in the darkest hours of despair, music can be uplifting and an experience that helps us go through difficult times.

We hear the story of the criminal who had a tough life, most of it spent behind jail bars, and who never once cried. Yet, the beautiful music moved him to shed tears for the first time.

Eric Genuis has heard stories like this before, and as a composer and pianist he both created and shared music that touches human soul.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eric Genuis estimates he has played nearly 1,000 concerts in prisons, including many in youth prisons.
  • Genuis has run into young people who seem resigned to spending much of their lives in prisons.
  • Genuis says that music can speak to the heart, mind and soul in ways that words cannot.

“Early in his career, Genuis decided he would go wherever there was a demand for his music.”

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