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Top 5 Classical Music Composers of All Time

The classical music genre is filled with geniuses. With their mastery, they were able to create a bunch of songs and symphonies that would shape the musical world. Because of this fact, selecting just 5 among these legends was a tough job. But of course, such countdowns have to be done. So without further ado, here is the list of the top 5 classical music composers of all time.

5. Frederic Chopin-

This man is probably the greatest classical pianist ever. His piano works are arguably the best in the world, with works that range from waltzes and sonatas to preludes and impromptus. In almost all aspects, he is considered as the best and most creative piano composer ever. And he did all that even without formal knowledge of orchestration.

4. Franz Schubert-

His mastery of lyrical composition is virtually unmatched. In fact, some classical experts say that he’s the best songwriter that ever lived. His proficiency in songwriting is startling: Schubert is reputed to have composed at least 650 songs within 16 years. He writes songs effectively and quickly, and does it with skill and precision.

3. Ludwig van Beethoven-

As the father of Romantic music, he is considered as one of the greatest innovators in classical music. Inspired by the works of other masters, he was also a phenomenal composer. He brought forth an intense style that rubbed off into his works such as the Missa Solemnis. As an ultimate sign of his influence, he was idolized by a number of greats like Richard Wagner.

2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-

Considered as a genius, he is considered as the one who perfected classical music. As someone who has a firm grasp ofboth melodic and lyrical qualities, practically all of his compositions are considered as works of art. A list of his greatest works would be expansive, including the likes of the Requiem Mass. The fact that legends such as Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Schubert looked up to him is a sign of his greatness.

1. Johann Sebastian Bach-

While he is not considered as an innovator, Bach elevated every style he got involved with into perfection. His skill of improvisation is virtually unmatched, and it has allowed him to create masterpieces in just about every genre. One of his compositions, Mass in B Minor, is considered by some experts as the greatest musical composition of all time, regardless of genre, style, or time. The intellectual depth of his music is what makes Bach stand out from the rest.

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