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A Night Through Horror and Fantasy: The Guillermo Del Toro Show

Alright, this might be one of the most exciting upcoming art galleries coming to the west coast, and already looks like an amazing night. The  visually stunning elements director Guillermo Del Toro has created and conceived are some of the most amazing designs in the last few decades.

In the last few decades, he’s reinvented multiple genres (horror, fantasy, and science fiction to just name a few), and over the course of that career, he’s put together an amazing collection of artwork and writings.

And now, that collection of art and stories is coming straight to the LACMA. The pieces that have influenced and inspired his ideas and art will be on display.

And it’s not just a retrospective of his career. Instead, the exhibit will give guests the chance to see a thematic journey through differing genres and ideas. Death, the afterlife, occultism, horror, monsters… even innocence and redemption.

These are the thing that drive Del Toro and his stories, and even his whole life. And as a fan of his work (especially the beautiful Pan’s Labyrinth), you’re going to see me there, opening night.

Learn more about the exhibition, right here.

Read the Full Article: http://www.lacma.org/art/exhibition/guillermo-del-toro-home-monsters



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