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The Stunning Infinity Room that Goes On Forever

The infinity room is currently at The Broad, and it might be one of the most amazing views in the entire west coast. It’s stunning.

Created by Yayoi Kusama, the Infinity Mirrored Room is a large chamber that houses a dazzling display of mirrors and LED lights. The effect creates an endless and infinite universe before you.

It’s one of the most amazing looking exhibits I’ve ever seen. It truly opens up your understanding of the universe around you. It reminds you just how small we are, and how beautiful that can actually be.

It’s contained enough that guests can only see it one at a time. It’s so amazing, in fact, that the reserve list to see the exhibit is long enough to send viewers home.

So you need to make sure that you can see this. Come to the museum early, and make sure you get an opportunity to see this beautiful spot.

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