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Michael Eden on the Relationship Between 2D & 3D

Michael Eden is a wonderful artist, and has been exploring the complicated relationship between dimensions in separate pieces for years. And he recently shared his thoughts on the subject, regarding his work currently on display at the LACMA.

“I would describe myself as a maker rather than what I used to be, which was a potter, for 25 years or so. I call myself a maker because it allows me to explore the sort of gray areas in between art, design, craft and technology.

My goal in the recreation of the Stowe Vase was not to try to reproduce it, but to reinterpret it—to bring it into the 21st century, based on the way that I have been working for the last 10 years or so, using new tools which are becoming increasingly available. I was particularly interested in Piranesi’s etchings of it. There’s a strong resonance between the 2D etching process and 3D printing, so it was an opportunity to continue my exploration of the relationship between 2D and 3D.”

Check out his work for yourself at the LACMA, right now.

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