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A Bee and the Modern Rendition of the Quilt

The collaborative artist group known as A Bee has come to the Getty with a modern rendition of classical quilt of old. They shared their process with Kim Sadler with The Iris, offering an intriguing look into their psyche.

As we started to create larger screens with larger and life-sized images, we wanted them to interact with each other, to become allegorical in their feel. As the pieces were being stitched together they seemed to take on a carpet-like appearance.

From our early days of showing the smaller-sized pieces in juried craft shows, we wanted language that steered away from the ‘Q’word.. and we started to research the terminology and vocabulary of tapestry. What a fantastic journey that led to!

We found we had more in common with the world of tapestries: the cartoons, the detailed stitching, the complexities and nuances of fibers, the coloring, and the narratives.

Tapestry has become our thesis, our personal study in language and composition. The sheer beauty, versatility, malleability, and presence!”

Learn more about the process behind it all, right here. And make sure you swing by the Getty and check out the tapestries for yourself.

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