Michael Tilson Thomas: The Superconductor of San Francisco Symphony

Michael-Tilson-ThomasClara Jeffery, co-editor of MotherJones.com interviews Michael Tilson Thomas, one of the greatest all-time music conductors.

Mr. Thomas is a musical director of the kid-friendly San Francisco Symphony.

His mission is to bring classical music as close as possible to the masses.

Michael Tilson Thomas runs the New World Symphony, which is an academy for young musicians/artists.

Just recently, Thomas was awarded by President Barrack Obama with the National Medal of Arts “for his commitment to engaging new artists and audiences in the exciting world of contemporary music.”

Learn how the National Medal of Arts winner talks about James Brown, movie music, and how to get your kids to love practicing piano by clicking right here: The Superconductor: SF Symphony’s Michael Tilson Thomas

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