Inspiring Authentic Music – Silverstein, Great Musician from the Golden Age

Violinist Joseph SilversteinJoseph Silverstein was in concert last July 2013 at the Jascha Heifetz Symposium of Individual Style, Connecticut and his performance was still classic – it was inspiring. The wonderful way he played the violin is reminiscent of the greatness of music – authentic music. He is “a master of the violin from the golden age of playing,” back in the time when what mattered most were the beautiful unique music of each individual artists. It was a time of true recognition, reverence to music, and humility among each great musician.

With clean economy of motion, pure, beautiful, and simple – Mr. Silverstein delivered genuine good music. He performed without unnecessary movements, fake smiles, or hyped facade, which often characterize today’s Chromium Age music.

Nobody could blame today’s performances though because modern audience now like edgier sounds and the taste for the arts and performances have shifted towards popular music, Star searches, and talent “judges” who don’t know a lot.

But still, mention the name ‘Joseph Silverstein’ now and string musicians will instantly remember the accolades of this great American violinist.

Mr. Joseph Silverstein is one of the last musicians associated with the 19th and early 20th century Golden Age music. To learn more about him, see:  Violinist Joseph Silverstein: Great Musician From the Golden Age/

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