Will Orchestra Members Enjoy New Symphonies?

The world of music is in a state of constant creation. There is no question about whether or not new music is being made in the genre of symphony orchestra. There are people who are working on their first pieces as this article is being read – it’s just the way the world of music is. Of course, while many genres (such as pop music) thrive and encourage new music to be heard, it isn’t this way with a lot of other genres. Sadly, many people and orchestras are nervous about performing new symphonies, simply because they are not sure whether or not they will be enjoyed by the masses. This attitude is something that has to change.

Understandably, there are some people who are stuck on the classic symphonies of yore, and there definitely is a certain sound that people may come to expect of symphony orchestra. With new symphonies, they may be too far away from the normal kind of melodies and harmonies that people expect to actually get the approval of classical music purists. Still, this isn’t the case with all composers, and it is quite possible that there are new composers out there that would strike a chord with classical music elitists.

Moreover, the genre is not exactly known for being able to market new symphonies and composers very easily. It’s difficult for many composers to face the very high possibility that their symphony may never be played, and that they may just end up being a composer that very few know of despite their talent. Given the proper outlet for their composition, and given the cooperation of a talented symphony orchestra, there is a much better chance for composers to get their name out into the world, and therefore breathe new life into the genre as a whole.

It is very important to remember that much of the problem with classical music is that the demographic who really enjoys the genre is shrinking. There was a time when the average person was clambering for new symphonies, and there are still people out there who are hoping that new pieces will start making rounds in the symphony orchestra circuit. Though it takes a lot of energy, practice, and work to get a symphony orchestra to play a brand new piece, it is well worth it. One good symphony could seriously revive the world of classical music, and even bring it to a new generation’s interest.

So, when asking about the possibility of enjoying new symphonies, the answer is quite obvious. There will be people who will enjoy hearing the new music, and there are also people who will not. The only way to find out for sure whether or not a new composer’s work will have staying power is to actually let it play, and it is time for the classical music community to start giving more new composers the chance that they want and need to keep this beautiful genre alive.

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