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Wheelchair-bound Chinese dancer honored for achievements after … –

Recently one wheelchair bound Chinese dancer in particular was honored for some particular achievements. In more particular detail to this aspect in general this wheelchair bound dancer was honored for her particular persistence and passion for the arts herself. Even more so concerning detail in particular she was given the Tara award.

Key Takeaways:

  • 34-year-old Liu Yan has been given the Tara Award at the Life Goes On charity gala in Vienna, marking the first time the honor has been given to a Chinese artist.
  • Back in 2008, Liu was chosen as a lead dancer during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Summer Olympics. However, a fall from the stage during rehearsal caused her to suffer serious spinal cord injuries, stripping her the ability to walk again.
  • Liu has also published a book called Dance of Hands, which is based on her research on hand movements in classical Chinese dance.

“The Life Goes On charity gala was established by Olympic athlete Christian Rijavec in 2008, with the aim to recognize people who have gone on to make extraordinary achievements after facing severe challenges.”

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