Top classical violinist will judge Miss America 2014

foto-joshua-bellWhy is Joshua Bell, one of the world’s most popular classical violin artists, judging Miss America 2014?

This is one of today’s most uncanny (and most mind-bothering) news: One of the judges of Miss America 2014, which will be held in Atlantic City on September 15, will include not just a former boy-band member and comedian, but also one of the world’s top violinist, Joshua Bell.

It’s odd but it seems that Bell, or probably his manager, wanted Bell to get imprinted in the consciousness today’s pop culture through an exposure at the Miss America pageant. (After all, Joshua Bell has also been featured on Dancing with the Stars.)

Yes, the Miss America Organization takes a great deal of effort to explain that the competition is beyond looking great in a swimsuit – that it’s really about “empowering young women” [and] providing a forum… to express their opinions, talent and intelligence,” BUT STILL, Bell acting as a judge [instead of a performer in the pageant] seems really strange. Twitter hashtag #swimsuitcomposition?

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