Toothpick orchestra that took 3 years in the making

A 61-member orchestra ensemble made of 12,500 toothpicks is one for the books. Artistic Canadian illustrator Go Sato showcased his keen eye for detail when he created a model of classical musicians in amazing likeness to personages of the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Sato said it expresses his love for classical music and all that Canada has contributed to his life.

It took him three years to create his miniature orchestra masterpiece, which was displayed with pride at the NAC foyer in early July.  Denizens of Canada raring to catch a glimpse of the toothpick orchestra may see it when children’s concerts unfold. It’s something picky audiences wouldn’t want to miss. Learn more details about the toothpick orchestra in the news update for the string music world.

                                              toothpick model of 61 musicians took 3 years to make: Read More


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