Chinese dance - Shen Yun on stage

Shen Yun brings Chinese dance, music, culture to Kennedy Center – WTOP

It’s important that other cultures are represented in all walks of life, including artistically. Unfortunately, it seems like most places tend to focus on one culture and one culture only: and that’s Western culture. Chinese culture is making an appearance in a variety of walks, though, as evidenced in “Shen Yun brings Chinese dance, music, culture to Kennedy Center – WTOP.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Shen Yun’s mission includes staging vibrant, quality extravaganzas that pull inspiration from thousands of years of Chinese civilization
  • The organization’s goals also include a revival of traditional Chinese ideals that some fear are fading into obscurity and might soon be lost
  • Shen’ means divine, ‘Yun’ means bearing, understanding, personal understanding, interpretation. Together, Shen Yun means ‘the beauty of divine-being dancing

“It’s also sending five separate casts of performing arts troupes to tour the world simultaneously during the 2017 season, including a six-day run in D.C. from Jan. 17-22.”


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