Shen Yun at the Lincoln Center | Live Dance Performance

Shen Yun performing artists has gotten a lot of raves from their  performance at the Lincoln Center (New York).
These raves come from no less than classical musicians, choreographers, academicians, television personalities, etc. BTW, 11 shows were nearly sold out which is no small feat for a venue this big.

The Artists

Most reviews praised the performers for their fluid motions and their ability to capture emotions thru body language alone. The strides were purposeful and the performance was nearly flawless. The author believes that the high degree of proficiency stems from each artist imbibing traditional Chinese philosophy towards the arts; that the pinnacle of artistry comes from inner peace. Anybody who knows Po the kung fu panda, knows how effective inner peace is. If not, ask Shifu!

Chinese Culture

The performance is the perfect amalgamation of old Chinese storytelling and newer forms of expression. There will always be purists who disagree. But the fact still remains, if a performer is able to communicate an idea using the arts with modern technology, then its purpose has been served. Think of fusion cuisine without the food but with complex emotions!

The Moral

Every Chinese play has several key points. It usually extols bravery, humility, kindness, piety, familial bonds, etc. Therefore, the show is not only entertaining and richly cultural. It is also a method to understand the Chinese way of thinking. In fact, the only thing it does not show you is the business savvy of the Chinese.

The Costume and Set

Attention to detail and an adequate budget can go a long way with the Chinese. The stage is always vibrant with colors and is constantly changing to suite the mood and pace of the storytelling. You do not need to be told to realize that each costume is made by hand. A nice touch is the digital background. The same being partly real and partly digital magic!


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