7 reason not miss Shen Yun

7 Reasons Not to Miss Shen Yun

Get ready for a performance unlike any other, Here are 7 reasons why you should not miss shen Yun 2022: 

1. Wholesome, family-friendly

Bring the whole family to the theater, and treat them to heartwarming stories and heroic tales filled with values like compassion, courage, honesty and faith.

2. Positive energy

Be uplifted by a vibrant celebration of traditional aesthetics. From classical  Chinese dance to the live orchestra to the stagecraft, enjoy a performance unlike any other.

3. Transportive experience

Discover Mongolian grasslands, grand court palaces, and heavenly realms. Our patented backdrop will take you there.

4. The Perfect Gift 

Share a one-of-a-kind experience your loved ones will remember for a lifetime.

5. Be inspired

See a divine heritage reborn 5,000 years of true Chinese culture, unspoiled by communism.

6. A Glorious Culture Reborn

See what the Chinese Communist Party does not want you to see. Experience an authentic culture displaced by communism.

7. Stunning Dance

Noble, athletic, and full of grace, Classical Chinese dance is a unique art form tempered over thousands of years.

Come for an evening filled with light, color, and a message of hope. Discover why this performance has been called soul-filling and a treat for the heart.  Buy Tickets


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