Principle Dancer Tim Wu practicing meditation

Newsletter – Sept 2013 – Shen Yun

Principle Dancer Tim Wu practicing meditation
What Drives Our Creativity and THE CHALLENGES WE overcome IN SEVEN YEARS of Shen Yun’s history, the company has become a global phenomenon, leading the theatrical world with stage inventions and inspiring performances. See where our inspiration comes from and the challenges we have to overcome on our path…DISCOVER MORE
DC 9/27 NY 10/5 BST 10/9 HOU 10/13
DAL 10/15 LA 10/18-19 SF 10/22
BEGINS NEXT WEEK!Shen Yun Symphony

Orchestra Now Touring

US Cities

THE ORIGINAL SHEN YUN MUSIC you love now on stage with the grand Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra. Its first-ever tour begins next Friday in Washington, DC.
  • Music from Shen Yun show played by a grand symphony orchestra
  • Shen Yun’s celebrates singers, instrumental soloists
  • Ancient Chinese instruments like the erhu and pipa
  • Masterpieces by Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, and more..




Getting to know: Trumpet Trekker Eric Robins
Getting to know: Trumpet Trekker Eric Robins
The king of musical chairs never knows where the music will take him, or which seat he’ll be in next. From Mexico to Kazakhstan… to Carnegie Hall with the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra.READ MORE
Shen Yun wishes you a Happy Moon Festival!
Shen Yun wishes you a Happy Moon Festival!
September 19, 2013  is the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, and what better time for legends of the moon? Now, it’s believed Neil Armstrong was the first onthe moon, but did you know a Chinese emperor beat him to it?FIND OUT HOWIf you want to know how to celebrate this traditional holiday, see dancer-blogger Jade Zhan’s holiday tips.
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