How Was the 2013 Season for Shen Yun Performing Arts?

How Was the 2013 Season for Shen Yun Performing Arts?

Simply put, it was hectic! 3 groups travelled 18 countries and totaled 354 shows. This was in the span of 6 months. So is it worth seeing for the next season?

Return Trip Overseas
Every year, Shen Yun increases its international audience. They visit more countries worldwide. When they first started in 2007, they only had 1 troupe. Now they have 3! Some of these countries have hosted Shen Yun 7 years in a row (2007 to 2013), i.e. Taipei.

The Manhattan Project
At their home base, the Lincoln Center, they performed 11 times for 2013. The author was able to attend one of these plays. You can see the wonder in the eyes of the audience after each show. The standing ovation after is also indicative of its success.

Efficiency at its Best
Audiences at Nagoya were awed by the performance. But what they did not know is that the entire show – from set up, performance, dismantling and move to another country – took only 13 hours. How’s that for logistics!

Biggest Crowd
Shen Yun draws huge crowds every time they perform. They also demand adequately sized theater halls. To date, their biggest performance was in Mexico at the Auditorio Nacional. The same has 6,000 seats!

Home Is With Your Family
During holidays, the performers had to be on the road, in hotel rooms, on stage, etc. One troupe member honestly stated that this was a hard life. But the blow is softened because each troupe member maybe away from their blood relations, but they consider each other as family. This is a good thing, because some of the acrobatics and dance steps require you to literally put your life on another member’s hands!

Every Year the Story Changes!
Shen Yun does not stop at a single story. They have century’s worth of Chinese culture and history as their resource. As such, every year, the troupe choreographs a new play. In fact some of their avid fans have been watching annually ever since 2007. If the period from 2007 to 2013 is any indication, then the year 2014 should be bigger and better!

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