Hollywood Bowl Big Screens – Not Everyone Appreciates

Hollywood Bowl in LA
The Hollywood Bowl has survived concerts of various artists of different genres throughout history. But today, the Bowl, the iconic stadium under the summer stars, is facing a new challenge. Its 2005 subtle screens have been replaced by four $1.5 million high-tech screens that are painfully blinding if not, distracting from the musical performances or the natural beauty of the Hollywood hills.

Classical music enthusiasts and opera performers have expressed aversion to the new technological changes and LA Philharmonic Association officials who manage the Bowl and the Walt Disney Concert Hall responded by slightly dimming the big screens (the largest two of which are 23ft. by 13ft.)

The officials also asserted that the new screens are still a success as they keep the performances intimate between the zoomed-in performers and the audience, especially those sitting in the far orchestra boxes. Ian Lovett, report contributor, and a lot of other ‘old Hollywood Bowl’ lovers disagree.

Find out Lovett’s solution to this issue here: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/02/us/big-screens-that-not-all-of-hollywood-adores.html.

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