Harpist Shares Passion for Classical Music to the Young & Needy

2013-08-15 12_01_28-Finding a New Audience for Classical Music _ BU Today _ Boston University Who said outreach programs are limited only to medical, dental and food assistance? How and where you find new audiences for classical music?

Leave it to a harpist to share her knowledge and passion for classical music with the less fortunate through her own outreach program. Oh, and she does not just play easy pieces. She shares first-rate classical pieces through her own program aptly called 47 strings.

Meghan Caulkett does not have qualms about performing a concert or showing the wonders of the harp to individuals in the most unexpected places – a nursing home, an elementary school, a homeless shelter, or a child development center serving homeless kids, like The House of Tiny Treasures in Houston.

Caulkett is proof that one may have non-musical beginnings yet pave the path to a promising musical career. Some interesting insights here on “Finding a New Audience for Classical Music”“.

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