Explore The Origins Of That Distinctive “Inner Voice” All Women Possess – Artist Anastasia Alexandrin, Ahmedabad, India

women-muti-culturalAnastasia Alexandrin, female identity artist, is exploring bold new perspectives. Through the Looking Glass, an article by Marc Londo takes a deeper look:

Almost 8,000 miles between Philadelphia and Ahmedabad, India, it is a great distance that covers at least a third of the Earth’s surface at the equator, not to mention the barrier between two countries’ culture at entire opposite ends of the world, but then, Anastasia Alexandrin explores the origins of that distinctive “inner voice” ALL women possess, from wherever part of the world they come from…

Alexandrin is an artist who for over one decade has been focusing on the female identity in most of her works. Discover more on her thoughts and inspirations on women’s “inner voice”  by Marc Londo here:



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