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College hosts traditional Chinese performance, encourages diverse interests – Etownian

Recently there has been some particular insight given into the fact of a college hosting a traditional Chinese performance in order to encourage diverse interests. In more particular detail to this particular aspect this free concert in particular is supposed to take place on September twenty fourth in the Leffler Chapel and Performance Center.

Key Takeaways:

  • With all the material objects made in China, people tend to forget the intangible things that come from a country of over one billion people
  • Since the concert was open to the public, many people from outside the College community, including the families of the performers, were in attendance.
  • Connor Rohrer, a junior at Trinity High School in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, accompanied her on piano during her first song.

“Some of these lesser-known aspects of Chinese culture were recently showcased at a concert titled “A Musical Trip to China.””

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