Classical Music And Miss America

The Miss America pageant is one of the few beauty pageants that really has a major impact on pop culture.

Miss America 2014
Miss America

It is a pageant that first got people to associate tiaras, sashes, and plastic surgery with American beauty.

What many people don’t know is that this famous pageant is that many of the judges which are picked to select the next crowned beauty queen are also major celebrities, and that being selected as a judge for the Miss America pageant is considered to be an honor in and of itself.

In past years, many major pop culture influencers have been picked to be judges for this highly prestigious pageant.

This year, the Miss America pageant has managed to startle a lot of spectators by inviting classical music violinist Joshua Bell to be a judge. Could it be that classical music may just become a part of the Miss America pageant in the future?

Quite possibly, since classical music has always played a part of the pageant – whether people noticed it or not.

If you think about it, having someone who has played in a symphony orchestra as a pageant judge makes a lot of sense. One of the most popular portions of the Miss America pageant to watch is the talent portion.

Many of the pageanteers play violin, piano, or another musical instrument for this portion, and having a judge who is able to discern different levels of skill with ease will make it easy for judges to be able to make a more informed decision on who should be able to go on to the next rounds.

Of course, there are other reasons why having a professional from the world of classical music or symphony orchestra on-board is a wise choice for the Miss America pageant. The fact is that the world of pageantry is now starting to be increasingly viewed as a more old school way to celebrate women.

As such, it is wise to start looking for ways to bring the world of pageantry into a classier, more old-school crowd. What better way to play up the fact that Miss America is a throwback to the old world way of doing things than to have more of a partnership with institutions that are respected for that very reason? What is more respectable than symphony orchestra?

Still, the Miss America pageant also is supposed to encompass all things that are relevant in the world of pop culture, and many people will argue that symphony orchestra, as well as classical music in general, is still quite relevant to the mainstream world.

For some, this apparently new partnership may be a shock, and might even have them question their views on pageantry in general. This can actually be a very good thing for all parties involved. Perhaps it’s time that the world realizes that both classical music and mainstream beauty pageants both have the beautiful old world charm that people around the world respect and adore.

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