Classical Chinese Dance Competition 101

Key Takeaways:

  • New Tank Dynasty Television is hosting an International Classical Chinese Dance Competition. The beauty and power of Classical Chinese Dance is in its duality.
  • For the dancers, this contest is an excellent opportunity to challenge themselves to new heights, gain solo stage experience, and interact with artists from around the globe. .
  • While it is not at all a gymnastic, or Olympic event, aerial flipping and aerobatic arts are the norms for a competition of this sort.

NTD Hosts the International Classical Chinese Dance Competition 

NTD’s International Classical Chinese Dance Competition is one of the most exciting events for artists. Dancers are coming from all parts of the world making this a truly global event. The contest itself is a challenge for the veterans providing them with fresh motivation..

“In a classical Chinese dance competition, each contestant prepares a short dance piece of his or her choice (which may be a solo, duet, or trio), and a required combination comprising specified movements and techniques.”

Read more: https://www.shenyunperformingarts.org/news/view/article/e/PnfTOGDjwXI/classical-chinese-dance-competition-101.html

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