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Chamber Dance Company salutes the legacy of dance rebels

Recently there has been some insight given into the Chamber Dance Company saluting the legacy of the dance rebels in general. In more detail there was a performance done that had examined the legacy of the New York dance rebels that in 1961 pushed the boundaries in particular of their media. This particular performance itself took place on October thirteenth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trisha Brown’s 1971 dance piece, “Accumulation,” could not be more straightforward – or more intricate
  • “Accumulation” is the catchy opener for Chamber Dance Company’s “Judson Dance Theater: The First Decade”
  • Steve Paxton’s “Satisfyin Lover” and Lucinda Childs’ “Carnation” are more “gesture theater” than dance per se.

“It’s a must-see knockout, from the arching, angular chair-bound solo of long-limbed Barbi Powers to its two complex movements for 11 dancers who continually reconfigure their relations with one another.”

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