Carnegie Hall Patrons: Shen Yun Is The Experience Of A Lifetime

Carnegie Hall patrons 2013-10-5 Shen Yun
Carnegie Hall patrons share their experience of Shen Yun’s performance on 2013-10-5.

When it comes to modern symphony orchestra, there are very few groups who have an international reputation for being as talented, as cohesive, and as stunningly hardworking as the Shen Yun Symphony Orchstra. Known as an orchestra that is inspired by ancient Chinese stories, music, and dance, the Shen Yun performance group has done tours in almost every major country. But what is it about Shen Yun that really makes it so uniquely striking as a performance group, and as a theatrical experience?

One of the things that separates Shen Yun from other classical music experiences is that you won’t hear the same classical symphonies that you would hear being performed by other orchestras. You will not only hear Brahms, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, or Mozart here. You will also get to hear newly created symphony pieces that reflect China’s rich history and culture, with every piece being played perfectly by the talented members of the orchestra. Moreover, due to the fact that it is a performance that fuses both Western and Chinese traditions together, guests get to enjoy the sounds of traditional Chinese musical instruments alongside more common Western instruments.

It’s exceptionally rare to find a symphony orchestra that is focused, well-trained, and filled with members who are able to work with one another. The unique Asian-Western fusion symphony of Shen Yun is known for being able to work together, as well as the focus and long hours of hard work that each member can boast. As a result of hours upon hours of work, as well as a deep commitment to creating the best possible experience ever, Shen Yun has some of the clearest, most sonorous music that you could ever witness in person.

Much of what makes Shen Yun spectacular also has to deal with the visual aspect of the performance. The players are known for using brightly colored, visually striking costumes, dance acts, and backgrounds to add a deeper level of emotion to every performance. Each dance act features acrobatic stunts, highly emotional choreography, and amazing feats of flexibility.

As one would also expect from a musical theater experience like Shen Yun, each dance act is designed to help convey the stories and legends that the symphony orchestra piece being played is dedicated to. So, if you are looking for amazing dance acts, highly skilled artists, and great musical performances, then Shen Yun is for you.

No other brand new orchestra has managed to earn as much respect, as much fame, and as many awards as Shen Yun, and there is definitely a reason for why this is the case. No other orchestra in recent times has made the very bold risk of offering new  performances, new concepts, and new costumes as frequently as Shen Yun, and no other new orchestra group has managed to deliver such as high quality performance time and time again.

For people who love to check out the cutting edge of classical music symphonies, there really is no better place to go than to a symphony hall that is currently hosting the Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra.

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