Capturing Characters – Mr. Wei-Ming Kao (Artist Profile)

Shen Yun Dancer: Wei-Ming KaoWei-Ming Kao can depict even the most complex character development through his dance performances. In “Sand Monk Is Blessed,” Mr. Kao played a divine being banished to the human world then turned into a child-eating monster. When the Goddess of Mercy appeared to evoke his innate compassion right before a moment of destruction, Kao immediate shifts character shade which he performed so well through his dance moves.

“When you are moved by the beauty of the dance, it is easier to portray that character… It’s difficult to change your heart so many times but you have to capture the auras of your characters,” he shares.

Shen Yun Performing Arts choreographers often choose Mr. Kao as principal dancer to portray characters with multiple layers; and in one instance even, a modified flip – called the “quan fei jiao” in classical Chinese dance – was required and he was actually able to do it and perform it so magnificently.

Learn more about his character portrayals and techniques here: Shen Yun Artist Profile: Mr. Wei-Ming Kao

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