What Are the Best Apps for Making Music?

What are the best apps for making music?

The answer to this question depends on

  1.  how much you already know about music-making, and
  2. what kind of music you want to create.

With some apps, you definitely don’t need to be a graduate of music school; but with other apps you may need to have sheer talent for music.


These three apps are the best at capturing all types of needs:

  • Musyc, from Fingerlab is pretty much a no-brainier to use while
  • Figure, created by Propellerhead is a bit more complicated.
  • Garage Band, an Apple app, on the other hand combines a bit of both worlds.

You can read more about these three best apps here: What Are the Best Apps for Making Music? Also mentioned are other great music-creation apps you’ll definitely love.


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