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Beethoven – The Right Chemical Mix

Minerals. Minerals linked to intelligence? That is what scientists are investigating as they are studying a sample of Beethoven’s hair. They are suspicions that high levels of sodium and copper combined with low levels of zinc are a sign of high intelligence. Although curious of the results their is debate of how ethical this study is. Loyal Beethoven followers wish the researchers would let him rest in peace. Could this be how he was able to complete such great musical work? Science will soon have an answer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scientists in Illinois are studying a lock of Beethovean hair in search of the Great Composer’s chemical structure.
  • High copper, low zinc and high sodium are associated with high intelligence levels.
  • Scientists have also studied the skull structures of intelligent individuals to determine if there are any connections.

“Why not examine the chemical structure of today’s geniuses and let men and women who achieved immortality in their lifetime rest in peace?”

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