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Artist Duo Puts a Contemporary Spin on Old Master Tapestries

Putting a interesting spin on old spin on ancient pieces of artwork is an amazing feat that has been achieved by two contemporary artists that work as a pair. The two put an individualized spin on multiple pieces of artwork in a way seen rarely in today views of modern artwork. The duo have absolutely no experience in the field of art, and simply used their own creativity to design masterpieces. In all, the artwork of this duo is fantastic and can be pleasurably viewed by all now on display.

Key Takeaways:

  • The artist collaboration, BEE, named themselves after the quilting bee
  • BEE chose tapestries because they are large canvas’s, luxurious, silky, and allow their work to come alive
  • Thomas P. Campbell tapestries, the art and mythology of the museum, and their own images have inspired their work

“We are also inspired by our own images, the endless possibilities and infinite combinations. We tend to mirror our characters—one-off silk-screens each have a chiral essence, the same but not the same.”


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