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ART DECO SOCIETY: Chinese Exotic Architecture of the Art Deco Era / “The Bitter Tea of General Yen”

In Experience LA’s article relating to an art display, they speak of an exhibition for artists who want to display some art relating to exotic Chinese architecture and many of it rises from the art deco era. They describe it as 60 minute showcases where there is a fusion of many styles that are examined through the world and described through Chinese architecture.

Key Takeaways:

  • Works by several forward-thinking California architects will be discussed, including Julia Morgan, Timothy Pflueger and Raymond Kennedy, along with comparison photos of Chinese architecture from Beijing and Shanghai.
  • Hollywoods dragon-adorned Nirvana Apartments will also be explored, as well as the Art Deco office of prominent Los Angeles immigration attorney Y.C. Hong – one of the pioneers of the new Chinatown in 1939 and much more.
  • Author and Art Deco Society of California Preservation Director Therese Poletti will give an illustrated presentation on Chinese motifs as a form of exotica in architecture and design in the Golden State.

“he golden era of the Chinese American nightclub in San Francisco and Sid Grauman”

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