Are New Classical Recordings Dying?

Rants and Raves of a Classical Music Fan:


Classical music is now more accessible to the public.  Even the most avid collectors must admit that a beautifully recorded Tchaikovsky Sixth Symphony on iTunes is a good thing.  It’s hard to find on LP but easy enough to download.

Digital Copy
Another positive is the fact that individuals who live in cramped apartments or condominiums can keep a digital copy on their smart device and keep their prized LP’s in storage. Under lock and key! Those who cannot afford the LP can just buy a digital copy.

Finding Something New?
The problem some collectors face is they can’t seem to find anything new. If you are a collector yourself, you probably have a compilation of must haves and daily playlist. But there is also this urge to discover new masters and modern pieces.

Are Classical Recording Artists a Dying Breed?
Granted it’s pretty hard to find the next Beethoven. But you at least want to know that there are other aspiring artists out there. To put it bluntly; fillet mignon everyday gets boring! You will eventually crave for a pound of ground beef on a bun!

Hence the Paradox
The availability of older works via digital format has renewed the public’s interest in classical music. This is a good thing. But it has driven down the demand for newer pieces. Hence, the weaker drive of today’s composers to put their work on record labels.

Define Cotemporary
Most collectors will tell you that when it comes to classical records, the mid 1800’s to early 1900’s is the way to go. The same are works of master composers and are readily available for download. If you want newer works, you have to buy a ticket and attend a black tie event!

In Closing
Classical music lovers need to drive demand for newer works. It’s there! But there is no drive to record the same. Otherwise, what good is preserving the old if it does not become a catalyst for the new!

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