A Conversation with the Getty’s New Semantic Architect

The Getty’s first-ever semantic architect, Rob Sanderson, is a passionate advocate for open culture whose emphasis is on developing information systems that are useful for developers and end users. He is heavily involved with the International Image Interoperability Framework, and says he is motivated by helping cultural institutions come together.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rob is a passionate advocate for open culture, and is working to advance the Getty’s efforts to make our digital projects open, collaborative, and useful to the widest possible audience.
  • The Open Content policy of the Getty is really valuable for the community at large.
  • IIIF partners, including the Getty, are focused on providing access to their images so people can use them from wherever a IIIF image viewer happens to be deployed.

“There’s a motto in web architectural development that the most interesting thing that anyone will do with your data will be done by someone else. So, if you provide it in a useful way, people will find all sorts of interesting things to do with it.”


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