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5 Inspiring Perspectives on Arts Integration

The incorporation of art in academics can promote creativity and imagination. Art should be equally integrated into academics because it can empower students and ultimately create an engaged workforce. The hesitancy of incorporating art into academics is not being taken seriously. Moving forward strategies must be developed to equally expose students to art, such as mandated art hours.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Spark Talks were packed with actionable ideas for integrating the arts into the K–12 classroom—here are my takeaways from the day
  • Shannon Wilkins recommends teaching both the arts and academic subjects equally, and not placing one in service of the other
  • These Spark Talks made clear to me that we in the field have tremendous models and resources for implementation strategies

“Dennis Doyle is the executive director of Collaborations: Teachers and Artists (CoTA), which offers a three-year professional development program to help teachers integrate the visual and performing arts into the teaching of Common Core subjects.”

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